Small Business and BOP

Here at Phoenix we are big on small business and understand that our small main street businesses our the backbone of our economy. Without them our neighborhoods wouldn’t be as energetic, vibrant and thriving. And That’s exactly why we are here. To protect you from the uncertain and allow you to thrive in your community for as long as possible.

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) combines business property and business liability insurance into one convenient policy. A BOP policy helps cover your business from claims resulting from things like fire, theft or another covered disaster and from claims involving bodily injury, property damage and personal and advertising injury that could arise from your business’ operations.

Businesses can tailor a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) to help meet their unique needs by adding optional coverages like data breach, business income for off-premises utility services and other specialized coverages to their BOP.

Types of Businesses that qualify for BOP’s and other small business policies

  • Coffee Shops
  • Bakeries and Donut Shops
  • Clothing stores
  • Wine and Liquor Shops
  • Hair Salons and Barbershops
  • Deli and Grocery Stores
  • Fruit and Vegetable Stores
  • Butchers and Seafood
  • Small restaurants and fast food / to go restaurants

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